We are continually looking for new members to better reach our service goals.

Perhaps, you are interested in making your community more successful; are concerned about the quality of life for your neighbors; motivated to help those less fortunate; or have a desire to assist those who have physical and mental disabilities improve their life? If so, you are the person we are looking for.

Interested in becoming a SERTOMA member?

Fill out our application! For more information about United SERTOMA or getting involved, please contact us at info@unitedsertoma.org.

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Although community service is our key focus, United SERTOMA is not all work and no play.

Our members enjoy festive monthly meetings, which are usually accompanied by educational, informational or current interest programs and/or guest speakers. Members also attend a number of SERTOMA dinners and social events. These meetings and events are great opportunities for members to network and get to know each and work together in accomplishing the SERTOMA mission.

Board of Directors

Kevin Earnest
Bill Martin
Vice President
Bill Frost*
Larry Dyjak*
Terry Lemming
Cindy Quiles


Colleen Barrons
Gregg Bickus
Brian Biscan
Edward Bleka
Jim Brasher
James Callahan
James Chipain
Kurt Drescher
Ken Eberly, Jr.
Ken Eberly Sr.*
Barbara Jo Ferry
Mynor Guerra
Teresa Guerra
Greg Hinton
Phil Hinton
Terry Hospodar
Ed Mansell
Charlie Martin*
Donald McCartney
Nick Mikroulis
Nick Miller
Tracy Murphy
Jack O'Donnell
Mike O'Donnell*
Wayne Ratay
Phil Sullivan*
Ray Sullivan
Robert Szajkovics
Ray Tautvaisas
Adam Thompson
Sue Zabilka
Russell Zimny


David Anderson
Gregory Bachelor*
Gregory Baise*
Christian Bigelow
Dennis Bieschke*
Jim Bobrowicz*
Donald Bowman*
James Briley*
Brian Cannaday
Anthony Chiarito
Pete Chipain*
Michael Doherty*
Dawn M. Donnellan
Eugene Esposito*
Gabriel Exiner
Rob Farmer
William Ferm*
David Floyd
Michael Gruber*
John Hanley*
Rich Harang
Perry Higa
Eugene Hunziker*
Larry Johnson
Mark Kobilica*
Samuel LaPlaca*
Maureen Maffei
John McMahon
Ken McVickers*
Beau Mega
Peter Melonas*
Rich Myers
Jim Naylor
Andrew Presz*
Guy Rallo
Jack Shanahan
Greg Siedlecki
Mark Sindowski
Mark Sipich
Ed Steffan
David Steinberger*
Bob Szewczyk
Jeffery Vanerio*
Jim Viktora
Chris Welch
Bill White

* Indicates an original SERTOMA 1996 Charter Member.